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Updated on May 8, 2021


To embrace and promote knowledge and actions that bridge the gap between academics, activists, and community stakeholders to advance social justice, equity, and build community in/among the Americas (Abiayala)


OLA Colorado is a non-profit organization and a virtual research center dedicated:

1. To produce community-informed scholarship by building partnerships with community stakeholders that are characterized by inclusivity, authenticity, respect, and reciprocity.


2. To cultivate a praxis that is critical and compassionate, integrative and responsive, equity-oriented, and self-aware.


3. To counteract an individualist/competitive spirit by (A) serving as a platform for collective learning, skill-sharing, and solidarity (B) hosting accessible (i.e. free, virtual, open to all) educational programming (C) and curating diverse open-access resources/materials.


Observatorio de Las Américas and its membership are committed to uphold the following values and do their best efforts to dismantle the systemic hindrances that inhibit their expression.

Epistemologies of Abiayala

Community, Solidarity & Collaboration

Anticolonization & Antiracism

Linguistic Diversity

Social Justice & Equity

Innovation & Transdisciplinarity


Nonprofit status of the organization and formal start of operations, opportunities for employment and distribution of funds are pending the formal registration as a 501(c)(3) organization. Updated Feb 20th 2021: The executive board has  finalized the formal statutes and constitutive documents. Updated Feb 28th 2021: The organization completed its incorporation in the State of Colorado.

Observatorio de Las Américas and its kin organization ARUNA Global South are structured as independent committees of the Global Collective for Transdisciplinary Research and Engaged Education nonprofit.