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Community Translators

Reduced cost/ free translation program for community organizations and public interest virtual events.

This pilot program offers free or reduced cost translation services for community organizations conducting virtual events. If your organization is a hispanic/latino/chicano serving, not for profit, institution, we want to help deliver your message to the community.


We also offer informal and certified translations at a reduced cost to latino, hispanic or chicano families or individuals who need them. The purpose of this service is to provide relief and facilitate access to community members under financial stress.

Due to the high demand and limited resources available at this moment, we urge organizers to complete this application at least 35 days before the expected date for the event. 


All proceedings coming from this service are devoted to pay for our partner translators’ work and/or to fund the Academic Excellence and Sustainability Scholarships dedicated to supporting Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other underrepresented groups of color in college and academia.

Please note we do not offer commercial translation services nor translation services for schoolwork or classroom assignments.

Volunteer registration is now open for SPANISH/ENGLISH languages using this form.

Individuals/organizations interested in requesting this service may reach out using this form, starting August 1st 2020. (Link not available yet).

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