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Current Programs

Hemisferia is blog-style an ongoing review, commentary and editorial section  discussing the latest events related to the Americas, its people and its  followers; we are also interested in publishing reflections about the complexities and challenges of junior scholars, particularly individuals from underrepresented groups.

 Send us a piece or pitch your story to us and get some feedback in the process using the Hemisferia submission form.

This program is designed to provide space for the development of innovative courses based on a subject of interest for specialized and/or general public audiences. The program seeks to provide junior scholars from underrepresented groups in academia with the necessary support to conduct a virtual learning environment and to experiment with non traditional educational materials.

Applications for this program are now  closed.

Anti-Racism Webinar Series

This series of public interest webinars addresses issues pertaining to anti-black sentiments in the Americas and seeks to provide guidance and support to those who wish to develop their abilities to dismantle racist ideologies within their own communities. Follow the links below to find out more about each episode of this series.

1. Guided Dialogue on Racism and Privilege: The Politics of Allyship

2. Together Against Anti-Blackness: Working to Eradicate Discrimination in Communities of Color

Este programa de profesionalización está dedicado al apoyo de miembros de la comunidad hispanoparlante en la academia norteamericana. El programa contempla distintas herramientas para guiar al público interesado en las distintas etapas de su trayectoria académica. Actualmente el programa funciona únicamente en español. Puedes revisar los detalles del proyecto siguiento cualquiera de estos vínculos.

1. Cómo empezar un programa de posgrado en EEUU: Preguntas frecuentes.

2. Historias personales de estudiantes latinoamericanos.

The result of our first Experimental Teaching Program is a series of community discussions on Latin American Film. Starting in the Fall of 2020, we have developed the following programs:

1. Contemporary Trends in Latin American Film

2. Masculinities in Contemporary Latin American Film


3. Femininities in Contemporary Latin American Film 

Projects Under Development

Beyond Ourselves is an oral history project that seeks to highlight the experiences of Mexican-American and Chicano communities in the State of Colorado. The purpose of this project is to organize a public reflection on how these communities understand and perform virtual and transnational concepts of community, kinship and solidarity and how these have been affected by the international COVID-19 health crisis.

Community Translators

This pilot program offers free or reduced cost translation services for community organizations conducting virtual events. If your organization is a hispanic/latino/chicano serving, not for profit, institution, we want to help deliver your message to the community.

Individuals interested in volunteering for this program should register using this link (Not active yet).

If you have any questions, comments or are interested in any of the programs at OLA Colorado, please write to the Director at garciaoyervides@olacolorado.org