La Narrativa Monarca: Bluee Eraser

Hola! Back at it again with another piece curated/written by yours truly :)

When it comes to poetry or any artistic medium, you really don't need to be an "expert" or know every famous written line from the literary world; anyone can be artistic in their own ways so just do it!

If I could take the blue end of the eraser

the one the legends said it erased even ink

I would take it and wipe away the written laws white cops use to justify the burning salty marks that run up and down your face as another innocent life is shot dead because of their race

If I could take a sharpie and cross out the white eyes that try to stratify and divide your worth into either being an anchor baby or a criminal

I would take it and black out that white judgement so the sun can shine through that bullshit snowstorm, cold as the winter freezes only when you try to be you

If I could take white out and erase the imaginary border that is meant to reinforce this white order

I would take it and erase the mouths of the same politicians who preach sermons from their ivory seats about how ethical it is to leave us out of the picture like pieces of unwanted dried meat

If I could fix this world

I would take every single glare and potshot that was meant for you so your wings don't get clipped believing you won't amount to anything but shit

If I could teach them how to love

We could have a generation of young minds who forget this passed down colonialist mentality that im better than you since my reality was built on the back of yours

If I could I would live in the pages of history as a synonym for infamy because clearly I stand as a living testimony of all the villainy that comes with disrupting the status quo

Trust me I know

If I could be the ocean, majestic and filled with life

I would take your tears and send them to the deepest trench I could find so the sun can’t be reflective of the pain you're in

If I could be la Tierra morena and enriching

I would let you take root so you dont get swept way with the white tears and fears

If I could make a a bridge to Mars so rich folxs believe they can leave this island to just us

I would even pay for the gas mileage

If you could live in a world where you don’t need to live under this same cycle of systemic toxic oppression we did, I would lay myself out like Prometheus so the cannibal bald headed wall street, bought off politicians can tear me to shreds so you don’t need to shed another lagrima and live con ese miedo

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