La Narrativa Monarca: Immigrant Kid

Hola a todxs!/Hi y'all!

Welcome to the first ever entry of La Narrativa Monarca! Every Saturday I'll be your lovely host in showcasing a piece of my own written artwork :)

Name's Xarly "El Colibri MC", and well I'm a 1st generation bilingual brown bio-poet who loves to rhyme words and keep it real con la raza, feel free to share any of my work and get in touch if you'd like to showcase something or have an idea for a request/collab in mind!

Mexica Tiahui!

I know I don't look the part

When I was in elementary school I used to jokingly introduce myself as Chris instead of who I really was

He was a make believe caricature, who only spoke English, ate pizza and whose favorite color was anything but brown

I know I don't look the part

Fast forward to 2009, I remember I use to brag to my old middle school crew that I would never shed a tear and ate fear for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a certified fresh Mexican winner

Until I got that knock

Four officers in blue standing out the door as my mother went for the lock

At 5:45 am, Tuesday February 9th, a quarter till I would find myself be brokenly torn between 2 worlds, one where I needed to keep a smile plastered on my face and one where I needed to find a way to keep my pieces together afraid of saying "I plead the fifth"

I know I don't look the part

If it wasn't for the art I made that helped null my mental pain as I surgically stitched my heart back together again

I wouldn't be here

If it wasn't for the few sprinkled teachers who showed me what writing and sharing your story could do for you

I wouldn't be breathing

I know I don't look the part


Did my nephew Juan de Leon Gutierrez look the part when all he wanted to do was to buy some maiz and frijol so he's family wouldn't starve?

Did my niece Darlyn Cristabel Cordova look the part when they failed to cover up her death while she was comatose?

Did my sister Jakelin Caal Maquin look the part when she was dying of thirst?

Did my cousin Felipe Gómez Alonzo look the part when he just had a cold?

Did my baby brother Wilmer Josúe Ramírez Vásquez look the part as he was shoved into his own casket?

Did my brother Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez look the part as he was left alone to die in a pool of his own blood?

I know I don't look the part

Fast forward to today

from My caracol comal hair to the beige not quite white exterior

I know that I don't look the part because the part isn't a cookie cutter mold for me and everyone else you see

Thinking that its a solid victory seeing the Commander in Cheddar Cheese get formally "impeached"....tell that to these six kids that won't be able to grow up

Tell their families that everything will be fine

Tell their siblings that justice has been served

Tell their mothers and fathers that they can be rest assured that now 45 will have an additional asterisk in history written in their kids blood

We can be doctors, artists, astronauts and even your housekeeper

And at the end of the day you'll still be the same racist, hate-filled, jealous creeper

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