OLA Colorado is a non-profit organization and a virtual research center dedicated to supporting and expanding non-traditional research, cultural & educational enterprises on all regions of the Americas.


1. To expand the knowledge about the social, political, cultural

and educational landscapes in the Americas through inviting, ethical,

innovative research.

2. To provide junior, independent and non-affiliated researchers with the tools and support necessary to develop research, educational and community-oriented agendas that match the principles of the organization.

3. To bridge the gap between the academy and civil society in

South, Central and North America.

4. To serve as a virtual hub for people, organizations, researchers form any region, country or indigenous nation in the Americas.

5. To foster and propagate an alternative research and educational culture based on collaboration, solidarity and mutual benefit for all participants.


Nonprofit status of the organization and formal start of operations, opportunities for employment and distribution of funds are pending the formal registration as a 501(c)(3) organization. Updated Feb 20th 2021: The executive board has  finalized the formal statutes and constitutive documents. Updated Feb 28th 2021: The organization has begun the process of incorporation in the State of Colorado.

Observatorio de Las Américas and its kin organization ARUNA Global South are structured as independent committees of the Global Collective for Transdisciplinary Research and Engaged Education nonprofit.

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