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Aqui va todo!

Join us for this collaborative discussion addressing anti-blackness sentiments and discriminatory conducts within our very own communities of color. This is a two-part event consisting of a public discussion and followed by a small-group workshop.


During the first part, we will have a guided discussion between the facilitators, aiming to find commonalities and differences between discriminatory practices currently affecting Indigenous, Latinx, Arab and Asian communities. Facilitators will draw from their experiences as community organizers to address these issues from an informed but non-academic perspective.

This event is inspired by recent conversations about anti-blackness sentiments such as "Confronting Anti-Black Racism in POC, Indigenours and Marginalized Communities" by the Women And Gender Studies Department at the University of Colorado Boulder and "A Conversation on Anti-Blackness in the Non-Black Latinx Community" by the Colorado Coalition for the Educational Advancement of Latinxs. It is also a programmatic follow-up to our previous event "A Guided Dialogue on Racism and Privilege: The politics of Allyship", with Cultural Anthropologist Baily Duhé.


Date: 24 July 2020

Discussion: 5:30 to 6:10 pm (MDT)

Click here to register for the discussion using Zoom.

Workshop: 6:15 to 7:00 (MDT)

Click here to register for the workshop (limit 32 participants or 8 per break out group).

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