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Ways to get involved

Mentorship - Are you a graduate student or undergraduate student considering an advanced degree on South, Central, North America or the Caribbean? Apply for a mentorship opportunity with one of our current researchers.

Internships - Are you an undergraduate student interested in conducting research or learning more about Latin America and its people? We may have a spot for you! Please note that any internship at OLA Colorado will be short-term, unpaid and non-conductive to hiring within the organization. Internships at OLA Colorado are designed to provide a significant learning experience for the intern. We hope to be able to provide longer, fairly remunerated internships in the future.

Opportunities at OLA Colorado

Let's get to work!

There are no current job opportunities available at this point. Please visit us in the future as we continue to grow and expand opportunities for temporary or permanent employment at OLA Colorado.


Panoramio by Octavio Alonso Ayala

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